Eating in Forte dei Marmi is one of my guests’ main concerns!!

Someone wants to go to elite restaurants at any price, someone is terrified of being ripped off, someone else goes randomly and then complains….

That’s why I thought about creating a booklet with my advice. At home this booklet is available for guests, but I also put it here, available to all. Short reviews, very personal. Obviously, not all Forte restaurants are named in here, but only those that I experienced myself, perhaps on the recommendation of a guest or a friend. Even you, readers, if you have any advice … write it to me! I will be more than pleased to go and taste.

The typical dishes, that you can find in Forte and that I recommend you to try, are: warm sea salad, baked fish, clams spaghetti, a very thin pizza and the famous focaccina. Without forgetting typical tordelli versiliesi!

Completely different from the typical Tuscan cuisine that you can find only a few kilometers away. Here you can find the famous grilled meat, Tagliata or Fiorentina style, vegetable and cereal soups, assortments of sheep cheeses and local salami (I remind you that “Colonnata” and “Garfagnana land” are really close!)

To know my tips and reviews, read the “Food and Night” category of my news!