Forte dei Marmi beach is one of the elements that strongly characterizes this place. It’s very wide and it’s almost entirely serviced by resorts.

Dozens and dozens of beach resorts (100 to be precise!) follow one another for miles, as in other coasts of this type but, Forte dei Marmi has unique characteristics that diversity this beach from other Italian “rivieras”. These peculiarities are synonyms of decidedly high prices, but they also ensure quality of a truly unique seaside experience.

The first aspect to notice is space: there is always comfortably enough room between umbrellas and also between rows. In short, the beach is not “exploited” to its full, but it offers a perfect balance between private space and common space.

Umbrellas, sunbeds and deckchairs are strictly made of wood and fabric. Here you won’t see any aluminum sunbeds, covered with plastic cloths! There is also a particular element, alternative to the umbrella: the tent. The tent is a sort of old fashion gazebo and it creates a greater shaded area, a larger private space and, consequently, a greater number of available elements, such as deckchairs and sunbeds. This tent is naturally also made of wood and fabric.

Another element that characterizes Forte beach, since its dawn, is the cabin. Also strictly made out of wood, our cabins form endless rows of tiny little houses that act as a barrier between the seafront road and the beach. The cabin is designed as a small pied-à-terre of the beach, where you can leave your belongings that purely pertain to this place and to its related activities. So, at the beginning of the holiday, the cabin is filled with swimsuits, children toys, air beds, wave boards, ping-pong rackets and such…

One fascinating spring activity here in Forte is walking on the beach when it is not yet been equipped and enjoying the work of the resorts owners, busy repainting the wood cabins, with the characteristic bright colours that enables you to distinguish a resort from the next!

How does it work?

The typical solution that can be requested at the beach is: umbrella, two deckchairs and a sunbed; or a tent with two sunbeds, two chairs with a table and two deckchairs. The rent of the cabin is apart. Prices can vary a lot, depending on the services offered in the beach resort, you can expect to spend between € 35/€ 45 per day up to € 200 /€ 300 per day in the most luxurious resorts.

All resorts have a bar and a restaurant serving lunch, play areas for children, small boats for hire (the most characteristic is “pattino”, typical pedalo of Versilia).

My first useful advice is to visit the official website of the beach resorts’ owners Union, where you can find a list of all establishments with their links.

4 beach resorts near home

Bagno Milano: Some of my guests have become loyal customers! This is a small resort, folksy atmosphere and friendliness guaranteed! It is possible to rent umbrellas for just a few days. Good cuisine, medium-low prices.

Bagno Roma Ponente: exquisite hospitality, but it generally offers services only for a whole month, with the exception of some low season cases. It is a very large and quiet resort.
Good cuisine, medium-high prices.

Bagno Arturo: Medium sized resort, very well maintained, average prices.

Bagno Umberto: small in size and a little crowded. Without a kitchen but you’ll always find something to eat! Low prices.